Heather Swanner photography Studio
June’s Studio Newborn Session – Cary NC

This is the first time I have photographed the Caldwell family. June was born 11 weeks ago and is a beautiful baby girl! Her older sister Ava is a wonderful big sister we had fun with little bear when we were in the studio. Thank you for letting me document such an important time in your ...

Cary Family Portraits – Joanne’s Kids

Joanne wanted to surprise her husband with a portrait of all of her children. She recently had her 3rd child this year and she is absolutely stunning! Thank you Joanne. I hope John loved the picture!

Newborn Photography Session – Isabella!
Newborn Portraits Cary

I met Kari a while ago at one of the schools where I do school portraits. We had a brief conversation about this and that, how she had just moved to NC with her new husband, and they were getting to know the area. I asked her if she and her husband were planning on ...

Cale’s Newborn Portrait Session
Newborn Portrait Session

Congratulations Tony and Kelly! Cale was born one day before mine and Matt's 8-year anniversary, so we know he is a very special baby. He was wonderful to photograph and I am so thankful to be able to share this moment with you both. He is amazing and will be a wonderful gift in your lives.

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