Heather Swanner photography Studio
Portrait Photography

I’ve had many clients tell me they were dreading their photo shoot. In the past they always visited stuffy “portrait-mill” photography studios where their kids were made to sit down and told not to move. Now, I don’t know about your kids but mine HATE to sit still!

I shoot to capture that perfect smile but I capture that it while playing with your children, talking to them about what they like to do for fun. Often I resort to “tickling Mommy” to get that sweet smile or that devious look that is so unique to your little one.

I truly love photographing families and children, and watching them grow from year to year.

The art of portrait photography lies in the artist’s ability to bring a person’s innermost traits to the surface. A talented portrait photographer is one who knows how to make a subject feel relaxed and comfortable, so their true essence can be captured on film.

Heather has created portraits in our client’s backyards, at the beach, and at local parks, but if you desire a more traditional portrait setting, she is always happy to oblige. Upon scheduling a session, Heather will consult with you to select a location that suits your style and the look or theme you are after.

Photographing Your Children
Our passion for photography shines in the portraits we create for your family. Here are some tips to ensure that photographing your child is a happy and memorable experience for everyone.

Make it a happy day! Children are easiest to photograph when they are happy and rested. So on the day of your photo shoot make sure they are well fed and have had their naps. Remember that this experience will be very different than going into a portrait studio, so try to reinforce to your little one that having your picture taken is a fun thing to look forward to! If possible, try to keep the little ones from falling asleep in the car on the way to the session. Just like anyone awakened from a nap, sometimes youngsters become cranky and the photography becomes more difficult.

On that same note, it is equally important for the parents to allow themselves to relax as well! The worst thing that can happen is for a parent to become uptight over the photo shoot or try to force the child to “perform”.

Our philosophy on photographing children is simple – Allow them to be themselves and capture that moment.

So don’t worry if your child gets a little fussy. There is plenty of time. We can simply take a step back, let the child (and the parent) relax, and we will resume when everyone is happy and ready to go. Our job as portrait photographers is to have the patience necessary to get the best possible photograph of your child or children.

Most importantly, tell your child you are going simply to have fun with a nice lady who will be taking their picture while they play. Don’t tell them they have to smile – just have fun.

Sessions for photographing children usually last about 2 hours. In this time, you can be sure we will get the shots you want – the photographs that capture your unique little person for exactly who they are.