Heather Swanner photography Studio

Photography 101 - Understanding the Basics
These informative, 90-minute classes will cover the basics of camera operation, lighting, posing, etc. Whether you’re using an expensive DSLR or a simple point-and-shoot, You can capture amazing images simply by understanding the basics.

Topics Covered:
- Understanding Your Camera
- ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed
- Choosing a Lens
- Storage and Archiving
- Lighting Basics
- Backgrounds, Props, and Clothing
- Capturing Priceless Images and Having Fun!

Please call for dates.

Classes will be scheduled 306 E Chatham st. Cary,
and are only $50.

For more information or to book your spot, fill out the form or call 919.439.7713 or schedule online.

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